When the Cold War Ended – 21

The End of the Cold War did not result in the United States remaining within its borders.  The contrary occurred;  with the fall of the Soviet Union,  America plunged into encroachment into other countries without opposition.

Although it might be pretended that the  United States was giving aid, in truth,  the purpose was to interfere in internal politics, taking over various entities, and purchasing local politicians.  Many countries became American poodles so as to  gain benefit.

‘String Loans’ became a standard.  

A ‘string loan’  means that so many millions is  loaned to a another country.   This loan can only be used to purchase American products.  

Many countries fell for this trick.  They took  the loan,  used it to buy items from the ‘list’  of  products offered. 

Most of the American products which  were  sent to these countries were near or at expiry date.  Without the Soviet Union to counter,  many Third World nations fell into the trap.

What ended these string loans for some  Third World nations was the incursion of China.   China came  into the market. supplying  the same type of goods at far lower price.

Local businesses which had shelves and showrooms of ‘Made in America’  goods went out, those which bought from China, survived.  


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