When The Cold War Ended – 15

After the September 11th attack,  the United States  sent troops to Afghanistan.  

Anyone who is capable of reading and understanding history, would instantly be aware of how pointless such action is.

Every invader from Alexander the Great to Genghis Khan to Tamerlane, passed through, for one can never conquer or control Afghanistan.

However, America sent troops which have remained to this day.    There are various skirmishes that no one mentions or cares about.There are no protests, as there were about Vietnam.  The few stray demonstrations that have occurred effect no more than traffic.

This is due to the oblivion and disinterest of Americans.  


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  1. The action after 9/11 was the typical one of governments that use faulty logic. This take the form of

    Something must be done
    Attacking someone would be something
    Therefore it must be done

    As I recall, Afghanistan suddenly became a legitimate target because it was believed that that was where the perpetrators came from, although later evidence showed that they hailed from Saudi Arabia, if anywhere. Oddly enough, nobody thought it would be a good idea to wage war on Saudi Arabia!

    • They were Saudi, they all got special treatment to come to the U.S. The US chose the ‘easiest’ target… Afghanistan. There has never been ‘winning’ in Afghanistan, and every conqueror just passed through it.

      This war is more pointless than Vietnam, and who is protesting? Were this 1970 the streets would have been full of protesters.

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