Wash Belly – 74 – End

The Court case went as planned.   That is, as Colin had planned.

Colin’s   lawyer could honestly tell  the Court;  

“Is it not odd that these Plaintiffs made no attempt to obtain the house, allowing my client  to pay the overdue taxes, to make the mortgage payments, to effect repairs, and now that the property is clear of debt, they wish to claim it?”

Under cross-examination Keith testified he knew he had been left the house when Miranda died.  Both he and Joey claimed to know nothing about their Great Mother’s medical condition.  

This was disproven, as were many of the other ‘points’ they had made.

Miranda might have left two houses to her beloved grandsons in her Will,  but…

But Joey the idiot let his wife talk him into buying House 5, talk him into mortgaging it, and getting him to lose it.

And Keith and Joey,  by their inaction, lost House 3 in New York.

And Colin, the Wash Belly, through his actions, through his expenditures, gained House Three.

Colin owned one and one half houses. Keith and Joey owned none.

And that was how it should be.


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