Wash Belly – 62

Years passed, Colin behaving as the perfect son,  Keith and Joey,  consumed by their personal lives and  broken marriages. 

Then Miranda died.   She died and everyone came to the funeral.  Colin went on as if he didn’t know about the Will.  But Nick, his hated older brother, did.

Nick knew he’d been left half of House 2 and began a savage fight with his sister Lucy.   He also told Keith and Joey about House 3.

As their minds had been poisoned against their father, (thanks to Colin) they did absolutely nothing.

Colin had expected this.  Somehow, even as a child, he knew that turning his nephews against their parents would work in his favour. 

When they’d first been shipped to Miranda, Keith was about three, Joey about two.   He had despised them and was happy when they were reclaimed by Nick and his new wife.

But then, after about two years, they were back;  a five year old Keith, and a four year old Joey, and he had decided to play the loving uncle.  Make them believe that their parents threw them away and he had rescued them.

It worked, for they loved him and would do anything he asked.  And that’s why they stood on corners and sold crack before they even entered High School.

Why they took the risks, and when Keith was almost caught, Miranda sent them to House 5 in Florida.  And why Colin could change his drug to ganja, and have Keith and Joey collect it and bring it to him in Georgia.


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Written by jaylar

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