Wash Belly – 53

When he was a boy, Colin felt betrayed when his mother showed more love and attention to her grandsons, Keith and Joey, than to him.

As the ‘Wash Belly’, Miranda’s last child, he has been spoiled from birth.  He was the centre of Miranda’s life until Keith and Joey came.  

He hated them, and his mother punished him.  Making it clear that they were important, he was not.

When the father of Keith and Joey arrived, and took them to live with himself and his new wife, Colin felt redeemed.  For almost two years he was the precious ‘wash belly’.   

Then Keith and Joey returned.

Colin, having been punished for ‘abusing’ his nephews that first time, made up his mind to behave as if he loved them.   He would pretend he loved them and turn them against their parents.   Turn them against their parents and subconsciously, have them prize him above their Grandmother.

He was remarkably successful.


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Written by jaylar

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