Wash Belly – 52

Colin had, in stray reflections,  thought that Keith, who had been cheated out of House 5 by Joey and his wife, would devote himself to getting House 3.  

The Will had left house 3 and 5 to Keith and Joey to share.   Keith should have jumped on Joey, forcing him to sign over 3 as ‘payment’ for cheating him out of House 5.    That seemed so logical.  Not so Keith’s lack of movement. 

Colin didn’t know Keith had been captured by a gal who was going to use him as his first wife had, for citizenship.   Engrossed in his gal, Keith couldn’t waste the effort going after House 3.

As Keith and Joey made no move to take control of the house or pay the bills,  Colin filled in.  

Having seen the will almost a decade before Miriam died, aware how she intended to dispose of her property he had been so angry.   Then, getting legal advice,  began to ‘help’  his mother manage House 3.   Every cent he spent, his efforts would be a ‘lien’ against the property.   

What Colin assumed was that when Miriam died and Keith and Joey went for the property they would have to repay him.  

As more time passed, as Colin kept paying the bills, he had virtually matched the value of the house.  

The inaction of Keith and Joey would insure he gained the house or its value.


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Written by jaylar

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