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Wash Belly – 50

For Colin, the law suit brought against him by his nephews was a day at the beach.  He had been organising for years before his mother’s death, getting legal advice,  and setting his actions..  

He had seen the Will years before his mother’s death.  Aware all he would get was half of one house while Keith and Joey would receive  two houses had upset him deeply.

His spirits had lifted when  Dina, Joey’s ex-wife, got him to buy House 5  behind Keith’s back. This meant House 5 was gone, Keith lost it, and Joey only got half of it;  for Dina’s name was on the title.

A scammer of the first rank, Dina got Joey to virtually bankrupt himself, buy the house, include her name, and then, with some behind the scenes actions get him to mortgage  and ‘invest’ the money in what Joey would never know, a scam.  A scam Dina invented.

House 5 was gone before Miriam died, meaning it was only House 3 that would go to Keith and Joey to share.

 House 3, which Colin had taken care of for years.  Colin had paid repairs, taxes, even that mortgage to gain the sums for repairs.   And Colin kept the receipts.  

No one knew that he secretly rented flats and pocketed the cash.  As an aside, the rental was more than five times the bills he paid, but no one but Colin knew it.


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