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Wash Belly – 47

Keith was annoyed.  Annoyed that his mother, whom he ignored and disparaged  all his life wouldn’t help him.  

His mother, Emma, began to remind him how long ago  he had been informed of the Will and took no action.  So as not to hear her voice, he cut the call.

Emma was not distressed.  She was not annoyed.   It was like telling someone the food is burning and they stand right there, and look and don’t remove it from the fire.

Emma knew this would happen, and  did send an email to Nick. Not that it would do any good.

Nick had held a resentment towards his family all his life.  Now that his sons would join forces with him to smash Colin, he was willing to commit every atom of his being.

He slapped away Emma’s report with a sneer.

He put Keith in touch with a lawyer,  the plan was to take  ‘beloved’ Unca Col to Court.    


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Written by jaylar

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