Wash Belly – 4

After a year, Nick’s new wife, Sonia, gave birth to her first child. She had never much liked Nick’s sons, now, began to hate and fear them. 

She had, from their first entrance, hated and feared the sons of his first marriage. She had tried to be motherly, but it didn’t work. There was something evil about them. They acted as if they were possessed and were a clear danger to her child. 

For their part, Keith and Joey hated Sonia, hated her baby and their father. 

Although Nick was not a particularly nice person, which was one of the reasons his first marriage collapsed, he tried to be a father to his sons. But seeing them threatening his new baby, he realised Sonia wasn’t imagining things. 

She wasn’t hating them out of jealousy. Nick shipped the boys back to Miranda. 

This is what Keith and Joey wanted. Grandma made them feel superior and special.


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Written by jaylar

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