Wash Belly – 36

Miranda had intended to leave House 5 to her Grandsons, Keith and Joey.  

Dina, Joey’s wife wanted the house.  Wanted Joey to buy it, get her name on the Title so she could be certain of gaining one half of it when she divorced him.

She knew how to play her husband, so Joey bought the house, Dina got her name on the Title.  

 Keith, whose wife had gotten her citizenship and discarded him, learned that he did not have a house to go home to. He never imagined his brother, the person he had thought he owned, that he thought loved him, would buy the house, behind his back, and throw him out.

Dina, pleased with herself for splitting the brother, for getting her name on the title, wondered if she couldn’t get more.  Hearing about scams she realised she could get about 75% of the value if she had one of her friends convince Joey to take a mortgage and ‘invest’ it.

The friend would give her the money she would lock into an interest bearing account.

When the mortgage money was lost and they could not pay the mortgage, Dina left Joey and went to live with a friend who had prepared for this moment.

Hence Joey was now totally alone and homeless.   

No parents,  estranged from Unca Col,  and Keith, there was no one in his life. For when Dina left, so did all his ‘friends’.


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Written by jaylar

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