Wash Belly – 30

It was a few months later, when Keith went to House 5 and learned it had been sold behind his back.  Learned ‘his’ house had been bought by his brother and wife.

Keith was livid.

He made a big ruckus and Dina called the police.  As Keith was removed, he boiled with hatred for his brother.  How could Joey do this to him?  Now, having no one in his life but the Great Mother and Colin, Keith phoned Colin.

Colin was prepared for Keith’s anger.  

 He listened to the blather as if he didn’t know what happened when he had witnessed the whole performance. The beauty of all this is that Keith and Joey, having discarded their parents had only Miranda and Colin, and each other.

Now that they didn’t have each other, and Miranda and Colin were far away, they had no one.


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Written by jaylar

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