Wash Belly – 25

Colin’s mother, Miranda, was old.   She was moving into senility. He decided to be the helpful darling son, and manage her properties.

There were times of day when she was hard and cold and times when she was soft and compliant. At one of these times,  he spoke with her. 

Telling her in a confused manner he got  her to sign a letter which  raised the rent of House 3.   The tenants decided to move.  

 When they were gone he began ‘repairs’.   He kept the receipts.

 The point of Colin’s actions was to appear to dump money into the house.  

Subsequently, during one of her happy times he took his mother to the bank to get the house remortgaged so as to pay the taxes and the repairs.

The bank staff was careful, they knew about elderly abuse.   After three different people spoke with Miranda, and saw the owed taxes, and the bills for repairs,  they were sure and  granted the mortgage, with Colin as security.

Colin now had a lien on House 3.


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Written by jaylar

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