Wash Belly – 23

Miranda had written a Will.  Colin had found it when he was searching his mother’s drawers for a key to  suitcase.

Seeing the heading he sat to read it, expecting a windfall.  


House 1, where he had been born, was left to him and Zena to Share.   House 2 was left to Lucy and Nick to share.  

House 3 was left to Keith and Joey to share.  

House 4 was left to Zena.  

And House 5, that mansion in Florida, was also left to Keith and Joey.

He, Colin, only got 1/2 a house where Keith and Joey got two houses!

All these years he thought playing nice with Keith and Joey would please his mother.  

All these years, he thought his mother loved him.  But she loved Keith and Joey more than twice as much as she loved him!

Well, she could leave her property as she choose.   It was up to him to make sure that Keith and Joey didn’t profit.  


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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