Wash Belly – 18

As the years passed,  Keith and Joey maintained their submission to Colin.

Colin was never seen with them in public.  He didn’t attend their weddings. This was  because if they were arrested he wanted no connection to them, and complete deniability.

Colin frequently from New York  to Atlanta, linking his movements to a legitimate business.  

Adam knew something of his business,  sometimes came to Atlanta and Colin would let him have a half pound.

Colin always stayed at a particular Hotel and  book rooms at two different Motels under false names.

He’d set his travel when he knew a shipment was arriving, send his pawns.

Sometimes he was on spot two days before the arrival.   Sometimes he left two days just after the merchandise was on spot and the purchasers en route.

He juggled his times so that it would be more difficult to link him.

No matter what;  Colin McNeil would be at Hotel A,   his alias at Motel B and the product at Motel C.   The only connect between Colin and the product would be Keith or Joey, hence he needed to have no apparent connection to them beyond being the sons of his half brother, Nick.

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