Wash Belly – 17

Colin never touched the ganja.  It was Keith or Joey who would drive out and collect it from the field, carry it where directed. 

Colin had his buyers pay him first.  Then he’d tell them where to go for the weed.

He never paid Keith or Joey much for their trouble,  talking about ‘family’ and diverting their minds from the risk they took, the effort they expended, for slightly more than the gas it cost to drive from here to there.

As Colin was their closest relative, as they loved him more than anyone, save that ‘Great Mother’ Miranda, they would do nothing to jeopardise their relationship with him.

Colin knew it, so used them.  

He was certain if Nick or Emma found out the use he was putting their sons to and objected, Keith and Joey wouldn’t listen to them, in fact, would probably attack them.

Colin  had raised them to hate their parents.  And they did.


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Written by jaylar

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