Walk Like A Dead After Breaking Up

Brokenhearted is the unexplainable feeling to experience. It is like death comes into their lives especially hearing a statement, “I can’t stay in this relationship anymore?” The moment you heard it, your heart pierced by a sharp knife, and the inner soul is totally shattered. It is a typical feeling that walks like a dead but very much alive.

People react in different ways. One thing for sure, they felt sudden sadness and fall into depression. Others are in denial. They can’t admit that a part of them died. In time, things will be on oneself again. But then, it differs how a person can handle the horrible experience. An emptiness still felt because a person’s heart broke into small pieces.

“When will the heart be healed?” It is always a question that lingered to a person’s sense. The best answer is, there is no exact time and date in healing a broken heart. It can never be measured. We need to wait and tries to help oneself.

The insanity will be tested on how to deal with such dreaded situations. The reactions depend on from person to person. The body and soul should be healed to make the person feel totally accepted the failure in a relationship. At some point, it is the best thing to know the reason for breaking up. It is the basis for them to move on to their lives.

After being recovered from the heartaches, a person can be realized that there is no forever in a relationship. The mere fact, there is a lifetime for a person who finally found the perfect match. It will always come into perfect timing for a hopeful life in loving someone for a lifetime. It is always the hopeful wish for a person if he hasn’t found the right person. Once you had found, everything will fall into the right places as a missing puzzle of life.


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Written by Steven Gamboa

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