Wacky Wednesday – Views of Mooney's Bridge North Reserve

Nothing of the name of “Mooney’s Bridge North Reserve!” makes sense to me, but it’s OK, a name probably someone with the surname of “Mooney” and I begin to wonder if Mooney had a South reserve.

This reserve is behind the back garden of where I live in Buckland’s Beach. It is where I have been walking.

So here are a few views.

It is a wonderful walk and on our Nationwide lockdown, walking is allowed as long as you are 2 metres away from anyone you may meet.

You are even allowed to drive some where for a walk, you are not allowed to go swimming in any beach. 

The Thumbnail is one of the best views but many are lovely views as well.


What do you think?


Written by Pamela Moresby

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  1. Pam, i look forward to your posts. They are something that makes the site brighter.

    Your ability to capture pictures of birds in flight is a gift that you have shared with us for years now. Thank you,
    thank you
    thank you!!!!!!

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