Wack Jobs – 7 – Mindy

No one likes Mindy.

This isn’t a  case of her saying;  ‘no body likes me’  (which would be an improvement) this is the middle aged woman who no one likes, and is oblivious to it.

Mindy thinks her portrayal of the lovely ‘spiritual’ person is believed by those around her.  

The moment you meet Mindy you are repelled.  You may try to compensate, but she puts off this Vibe that you can’t but feel and you know she is an imitation.

As she thinks she is spiritual and can read people she doesn’t have a shred of sense.  So oblivous to reality when you say you’re going to the shop she brightly chirps that she’ll go with you.  You stare because you said it to get away from her.

She has spent her whole life misreading and making the most ridiculous assumptions.

When she packed her bags and said she was going to stay with relatives no one said anything.   She left and went from door to door and no one took her in.

She returned and no one greeted her or showed any reaction.

If she’d  find reality she’d not be such a wack job.


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Written by jaylar

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