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Unmissed – 6

When Jeffery Charles was appointed manager morale fell, people quit, and most of us started to arrive late, leave early and do not much.

Sure, a lot of times Charles caught us coming late, leaving early, and doing not much.  He would insult, make demands and innuendos.  

He loved expressing power, loved trying to demean us.  He positively glowed when he could posture, his skinny arms across his chest and bellow his attacks.

He’d be so insulting it took every dram of effort not to slam his head with a chair.

We learned the best response was to look stupid and let him rant. He got pleasure out of his performance, and we got to unwork even longer during his performance.

Many  of us created ‘protocols’ to get out of his eye range so  just a few who would be in the front line, sort of ‘human sacrifices’.


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Written by jaylar

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