Unmasking of America – 17

Donald Trump is America unmasked.  America as it really is, sans the ‘politically correct’  ‘sound bytes’.  America as racist and hatefilled as it really is.

No longer is clever rhetoric utilised to mask, no need for pretence.    Trump has made it clear that he, and his worshippers, consider those non white who live in the 3rd world sub human.

They are to either obey their ‘Massa’  or suffer a whipping or lynching.

America need not fulfil any agreement made with other nations. Only if there is something significant for America or Americans (meaning the upper 1%) to get need America behave with decorum.  

Over the decades America has usually, (save under Wilson) hidden their rabid racism.   Trump sees no need to hide it nor do his supporters.

For the rest of the world, the ‘false advertising’ has ended.

Those who entered the Capital did so with the compliance of security;  not all of course,  but a large enough percentage of Good Ole Boys who are police in D.C.  


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Written by jaylar

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