Trump instructed personal lawyer to lie about the Moscow Trump Tower : report

Democrats politicians says, that they will investigate the news that has been claimed,  President Trump directed his personal lawyer to lie in front of the Congress.

In a Report that President Trump directed his personal lawyer Michael Cohen. That he lie to Congress about the interpretation of the Trump Tower in Moscow. Michael Cohen has already acknowledged that he has been lying about the Trump Tower project.

President Trum has not yet expressed his reaction to the news feed report , But he has been saying in the past that he never instructed their lawyer to take action against the law.President Trump’s current personal lawyer, Rudy Joliani said, If someone believes in Michael Cohen’s talk, then I can buy the Brooklyn Bridge at a low cost.

Chairman of the Intelligent Committee of the House of Representatives, Adam Chef has said that he will investigate this matter.

Michael Chef said in a Twitter message that The accusation that the US president to deceive someone to lie to mislead the ongoing research on Russia to hide its business, There is a very serious crime. Michael Chef said in his message: ‘We will do everything to reach the truth.’

What does Buzzfeeds report says? According to Buzzfeed,his news report is based on the statements of two officials who are investigating this matter. The report said that President Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Kohn, ten time informed about the latest situation regarding the interpretation of the Moscow Trump Tower. When President Trumpp was denying any business links with Russia. President Trump’s daughter, Avanka and son Trumpe Jr., were also informed about the latest information about the construction of the Trump Tower in Moscow.

Special council Robert Muller, who is investigating the alleged Russian intervention in US presidential election, already have revealed that Michael Cohen lied about the date when the Moscow Trump Tower project was eliminated. The Buzzfeed report claims that Michael Cohen has told investigator that President Trump person personally directed them to lie about this date, when negotiations with the Moscow Trump Tower were over. Robert Muller also has the statements of the other employees of the Trump company, in the report which comply with Michael Cohen’s statement.

The report said that President Trump asked his lawyer Michael Cohen during the visit to Moscow, also meet President Vladimir Putin. Michael Cohen was sentenced to prison last month when he acknowledged that he had lied to the Congress about the Moscow Trump Tower project.

President Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, said in the court that his weakness was the blind trust on the Donald Trump. President Trumpet, referring to Michael Cohen as a weak man, said that he has twisted the story of the Moscow Trump Tower to avoid more punishment.


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