Tossed Under the Bus

In other countries, the idea of storming the seat of government is clear treason.   It is obviously a coup and will be met by force.

In America, people thought they could just break in, enjoy themselves,  because they believed they were acting under the ‘rule’ of the previous president, Donald Trump.

Although they were and are rather stupid for humans, they were encouraged. The insurrectionists were told to come to Washington D.C.  to ‘stop the steal’  and that their Massa, Trump, would ‘lead them’.

This resulted attack on the Capitol resulted in many arrests, most recently two more members of the racist ‘Proud Boys.’

Joe Biggs, an actual US Army veteran was jailed for 17 years, and Zachary Rehl, one of his underlings got 15 years. This one sprayed a chemical irritant at officers.

Trump will got on trial for conspiring with the Proud Boys and other groups, and of course, he pleads not guilty, as if he had nothing to do with it.

Trump’s speeches to the Insurgents are recorded, we can all see and hear them.   Yet, assuming the world is as stupid as his followers, he can deny involvement.



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Written by jaylar

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