The Fall of Bill Cosby

He was a well beloved comic. He never touched race issues or adult stuff, he was totally ‘G’ rated. He told funny stories, and seemed warm, so people loved him.

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He got a role in ‘I Spy’ which was ground breaking. For he was a co-star, with a lot of camera time, and won 3 Emmy Awards.

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He later had his own show, and this is where it gets kind of creepy,because he played the perfect father and husband.

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Where others  had ‘pasts’ or engaged in various actions for which they were condemned, Bill Cosby, (something like Tiger Woods) remained squeaky clean.

The public was unaware that Bill Cosby was drugging and raping women. This was suppressed. Stray whispers would be slapped away, because no one believed this great icon would cheat on his wife, much less drug and rape other women.

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Women who couldn’t be slapped away, were paid off.

And years passed.

His show was in syndication and he was making bags of money on re runs, while drugging and raping women.

But no one knew.

No one knew because he was a big shot and they were nothing;  they might have lived in some dictatorship where the dictator drugged and raped them, for all the ‘rights’ they had.


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As the number of women increased, and as criminal charges were brought, people began to wonder if there wasn’t something behind it.

The sheer number of women who claimed that Cosby had drugged and raped them climbed. Some proactive people, institutions and agencies, canceled his shows, his awards, and then he went to trial.

And he was convicted.

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His behaviour during his trial, in Court was nothing like ‘America’s Dad’. It  was a man with too much money and too much power, who felt he could do what he wants and no one could object.


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Written by jaylar