Too Late – Wilma – 8

As the years passed, Wilma struggled alone with Esta. She heard of Eddie’s marriage from her sister;  Lora, the only one in arm’s reach.

It wasn’t just Wilma who realised all she had was Lora;  Lora did as well.  It became clear to Lora that she was now  Esta’s deputy mother. 

She didn’t like the idea.  

Esta was fifteen now, and not easy to manage.

It was different with Wilma and Eddie’s other children.  She had enjoyed her deputy mommy role even when the kids were teenagers.  But Esta was not like the others.  

Wilma’s health was deteriorating.  Lora could see Esta being thrust upon her.

Lora wasn’t that old, she still had some life, and might as well live it.   In desperation, she lied to Wilma, saying she had won an all expense paid year’s cruise.  

In truth, Lora had emptied her bank account, quit her job, sold her house and was leaving the city with no intention of returning.

Lora, as everyone else in the family could not manage Esta and didn’t want to.


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Written by jaylar

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