Too Late – Helena – 1

She put her phone on silent for she expected Rhea to call.  To her mind, if she didn’t answer, Rhea would have to do what she asked.

Getting people to obey her was standard for Helena.  If she acted pretentious enough, spoke in her ‘Order’ voice, people had to obey.

Rhea had proven a bit difficult.

She seemed a bit too bright and when Helena reflected, Rhea didn’t ‘owe’ her.

One of the tricks Helena had practiced over the years was getting people to ‘owe’ her.  

She’d ask them to help her, then hand over a sum, which was more than a task was worth.  Subsequently,  Rhea would ask for a favour, which was more than she had paid.

Somehow, she’d slipped up with Rhea, who didn’t owe her a thing.

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