Three Sides – I

Sherry’s Story


I’d always been beautiful and popular and enjoyed life.   The only thing that had been stable was my job.  

I had a lot of affairs, some deep relationships which lasted a bit of time, most were frivolous.  

People came and went and my job.  Some spent a few months, some longer.  Everything was perfect for me so I stayed.

 So had Daniel.

Daniel was a bit older than I.   He wasn’t much in the looks department, about twenty pounds overweight.  Certainly not my type.

As it was clear he was not in my league, we had a pure friendship.   At work he was really my only true friend.

Others came and went. Females resenting me because I could ‘take’ their boyfriends, males making their plays for my attention.  And me, skimming through the batch, picking the best.


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Written by jaylar

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