Three Sides – Gabi – 2

Gabi – 2

My Mom married Brad.   It was a small ceremony in late June just before I was shipped to camp and they went on their honeymoon.

Although I didn’t expect to, I loved camp.  There were girls like me and we got to talk and do things and go places, and I felt free.

No one was watching my every move, no one monitoring my actions.

When I returned home in September, Brad had moved in, staked his claim I’d say, and had his space. He moved in cause when my Mom divorced my Dad she took the house.  So this had been my bedroom forever.

There were pluses and minuses in my mother’s marriage.

The good thing about Brad is that he diverted my mother so she didn’t spend every second seeing if I wore makeup or talked on the phone.

He  didn’t mind if I went to parties and sort of would take Mom out to give me a ‘window’… so if I knew they were coming back at 12 I could be home by 11:30.

On the weekends I had to spend with my Dad it was so boring.  

I wasn’t satisfied with an ice cream cone or television, I wanted to hang out with my friends, but Dad set up boring activities as if I were still eight years old.


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