Three Sides – Gabi -1

Gabi – 1

The thing I loved about my Dad was how easy he was to manipulate.

My mother knew everything so living with her was a problem because I didn’t get away with anything.

When I went to my Dad’s flat I could watch television all night if I wanted, be on the computer, make him take me shopping, or to movies.

I loved him because I always got my way.  Not that I’d want to live permanently in his apartment, or spend every day with him, but four days, every month were gifts.

Then my mother met Brad.

The good thing about Brad was that he stayed out of my life and occupied my mother so I had some freedom.

He’d never be my Dad, never wanted to be.  

This was fine by me.

I get less focus from Mom,  no bother from Brad.



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Written by jaylar


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