Three Sides – Daniel – 7 (2)

My ex-wife, her husband and I spoke with Gabi, or maybe ‘at’ Gabi because she was being sour.  She said she wanted to stay with me, so Ellen and Brad left.  

When they had gone, I let some time pass, tried to speak with Gabi who was not very communicative.

 I called Sherry.  There was no answer.

I kept trying but Gabi went into some dramatics so I had to put down my phone and deal with her.  I finally got her to some level of calmness.

It was not until late that evening Sherry phoned.  I began to talk but she was speaking in a strong, hard voice.

She told me that she had lost the baby.   When I asked what hospital she was in she told me she wanted to annul our marriage, and hung up.

I felt my whole world collapsing and sat on the chair, crying. Gabi was watching television.

She didn’t notice.


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Written by jaylar

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