Three Sides – Conclusion

That year I spent with Dad was ridiculous.  

He used to cry about Sherry all the time.   He’d look at a picture, and cry.  I pretended I didn’t see;  that is the times I was actually there.

I spent a lot of time not there.  I didn’t want to be part of his drama.  Anything to get away from my Dad’s crying over Sherry.   I’d sleep over a friend’s house, I sign up for every excursion my High School had to get away from him.

He was such a sad creature, so depressing.  It was like having some kind of sick puppy to tend.  He’d only been married to Sherry for a day or two when she left.   I saw her once for a minute.  

She was so pretty, she was out of his league, how he got her to marry him….?

Anyway, I couldn’t wait to get away to college.  I chose one on the other side of the country to put a lot of distance between me and my parents.  And I went away in joy.  I loved being on my own.   

Sure once and a while if I needed money I’d call Dad and he’d send me something.  I didn’t bother call Mom, because she had her husband Brad and her new son.

I had my own life and dreams and no one was going to mess it up for me.



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Written by jaylar


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