There Was a Time – 7

Rosa had been dazzled by Issac. 

When she first met him, he was so happy so full of life.  He seemed to have a magic passage to all that was wonderful.

She married Isaac and looked forward to adventure.

When they had arrived in Paradise Isaac was fascinated by the island,  his new life.  He wanted to go out every night and do different things.

At first it was both their decisions.   But when Rosa became pregnant, and wasn’t up to wild activity, instead of Isaac staying in, he’d leave her to go out.

As her delivery date neared she decided to go to his country, have the baby, which she did.   She didn’t want to race back to Paradise, the empty house and Issac in and out.

When she did return with the baby, at first Isaac spent some time to be daddy, but then, the whirlwind of his social life took over, and he started to go out and leave her home alone.

Rosa began to despise this.

Of course, Isaac, wrapped in himself, had no idea.


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Written by jaylar

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