There Was a Time – 6

Issac ceased to notice  other people, ‘common’ people; those he worked with, those who were not members of the elite.It became normal for him to think of himself, how he felt, what he liked, and look around to get a matching smile.He wallowed in driving a good car, in being able to buy name brands.   He loved having places to go, top places and mingle with top people.As time passed he didn’t appreciate that his wife, Rosa,  went out with him less and less.  He didn’t notice  her excuses were weak.He didn’t notice she was distant, distracted, disinterested.  His days were so full.   Issac wallowed in the life he’d never had nor imagined.So focused on himself he no more noticed his wife’s distancing than he did his  co-workers contempt.  


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Written by jaylar


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