There was a Time – 4

Isaac was truly in Paradise.  His life was a dream and he never wanted to wake up.

And to add to it;  Rosa became pregnant.

So there he was, not only married to wealth but living in wealth, and not just monetary.   The environment, the music, the people, the sky, it was all so magnificent.

And he, Isaac, holding a big position,  associating with fantastic people,  everything was first class.

And he had never even had second class before.

His wife took it all as normal, for she had lived in such a house, had servants, and went to all the first class places in her country.

Isaac tried not to let her see how dazzled he was and made it seem it was being married to her which made him so happy.  But as Rosa reached her seventh month she decided to have the baby in his country for the medical care was far superior there, then in Paradise.

He was able to take his vacation so was with her when their daughter, Ayesha was born.  

Rosa wanted to remain in Isaac’s country for another three months, so he returned to Paradise without her and the baby.

She wasn’t missed.


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