There Was a Time – 19 – end

Eventually Gila became pregnant and had their son, Joshua.  Isaac pretended everything was just ‘perfect’.  But it wasn’t. 

They lived in a dump, he had crummy job with no authority, he had a wife who he couldn’t talk to who needed help to manage one child… on and on…and this was how  things would be.

As time passed, Isaac faded more into the background, living his nothing life.   He didn’t bother to apply for other jobs, didn’t continue email contact with the people he had known in Paradise.


he would recall those moments in Paradise, driving that fancy car, instead of taking a bus.   He remembered living in a mansion.  He remembered having a wife who didn’t need him to manage every aspect of her life.

Isaac  reflected on those days when he went to all the top places, associating with the top people and being somebody.

When he thought of then, and compared it to now, he’d open a bottle and drink until he felt at peace.



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Written by jaylar

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