There Was a Time – 17

Unfortunately for Isaac, many of the companies to which he applied for a position did their own FB checks.  Just seeing him and Gila, (who looked like she had a cash register on her bed) got instant rejections.

This forced him to remain in the job his father had gotten him.  

He didn’t realise why he was turned down, began to believe he wasn’t as great as he thought he was.  The only person he could dazzle was Gila.

She was filling his life.  She was compliant, deferred to him.

Issac had University degrees and she had barely  graduated High School.  Isaac had professions.  The best job Gila ever had was running an exercise class at hotel.

If Isaac thought Gila was a stop gap, he was mistaken. She filled every second of his life and thinking she was the best he could do,  married her.

 He posted videos and images of the wedding, then the honeymoon, and after.  The photos were all posed in some ‘setting’.

Isaac never realised how cheap those images appeared.


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Written by jaylar

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