There Was a Time – 14

With incredulity, Isaac learned that his now ex-wife Rosa had been  having an affair with Mr. Garber, who had been his boss.

That while he was out, enjoying his social life, Rosa was enjoying hers.  The reason she didn’t accompany him on his evening jaunts was not that she was tired or disinterested but that she was occupied.

And he hadn’t suspected anything!

He assumed he had the wild life and she was a stay at home.  That he was having adventures and Rosa was taking care of their daughter. 

Isaac couldn’t breathe.

When his  lawyer informed him that alimony and child support was no longer required he just stared.  

How as it that his wife could be in bed with his Boss?

The news of this so disabled him, he couldn’t eat or sleep and lost his job.

On top of all the losses, from his position in Paradise to the divorce, to the fact his wife was unfaithful… losing his job was a drop of rain.

His father, worried, got him a job so that Isaac had pocket money.  Isaac considered the job a stop gap, for he sent applications to every big company available expecting to be contacted.


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Written by jaylar

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