There Was a Time – 11

Rosa left for home in what he thought was her fifth month of pregnancy.   Actually, she was in her seventh,  but had a reason why she wanted to confuse him.

Two days after his wife left, Isaac was called to the office of the C.E.O.  He thought it was a renewal.  It wasn’t.    In three months, his contract would be terminated

Isaac could not believe it.   He  ran the office about searching for reasons why his contract wasn’t renewed. He searched for his Boss, Mr. Sam Garber, and couldn’t find him.

No one could give Isaac any clear answers.

Considering his Mr. Garber was ‘away’  and no one could or would explain anything, Isaac applied for jobs with other multi-nationals.   

Application after interview,  and Isaac was offered nothing. No one wanted to hire him. Isaac couldn’t understand it.    He thought he had done brilliantly.  He thought other companies would be anxious to have him on their staff.

He tried to call Rosa from the day she had left but her phone didn’t work.  He had called his parents who hadn’t seen her but would make their checks.  

As the days became weeks, then months, there was nothing Isaac could do except  pack up and go home.

His parents met him at the airport.


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Written by jaylar

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