The Value of the Cold War – 4


Streaming was mandatory.   Taking I.Q. tests and being placed in particular classes suited for one’s intellectual ability, was standard.

The dunce kid could cry and as far as the school was concerned he should step in front of a bus.  

The terror was that they were teaching algebra in 3rd grade in the U.S.S.R,  a subject not introduced to America students until 7th grade!

The pressure of being in competition made kids try harder, and no excuses were accepted.    There were bomb drills at school, to keep kids aware that at any moment there could be war.

Leaving elementary school at the age of 11, children went to Junior High.   The bright were sent to one school, the dunce to another.

At the completion of Junior High, 7th to 9th grade,  dunce kids were sent to ‘technical’ high schools, where they would  learn electrical engineering, carpentry, masonry, plumbing, etc.  

They were to be drafted to die in war.  

They were not to interfer in the education of bright kids who would get ‘deferments’ from military service, because society relied on them.


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