The Value of the Cold War – 19

Imagine a population which  retires at the age of sixty five.  At such time they receive social security benefits and Medicare.  

Instead of dying before retirement or shortly after as planned, many could live into their 90s.  

This means payment of social security and Medicare for almost thirty years.

Paying benefits to superannuated members of society who have no further use to society!  

Those in power do not want superannuated folks breathing air, using water, and gathering social security and health benefits.

The Baby Boomers, in their sixties and seventies, are strong and active.   One can’t simply kill them off. However, their children, should not be as strong, nor as active.  And their  grandchildren  should be weak, incapable of thinking for themselves, willing to fall for any kind of ‘sounds official’ scam designed to shorten their lives.

Many should die via non-communicable disease, before reaching retirement, their benefits capable of being ‘redirected’.


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