The Value of the Cold War – 18

The ‘Breast is Best’, (regardless of the health of the mother) an absence of toilet training, and the plethora of  junk food, from ‘vegetable oil’ to extremely ‘processed’ meat,  insured an unhealthy   population.

The abandonment of ‘Streaming’ in schools allowed the stupidest child to rule, and created a less intelligent, less questioning population.

The encagement of children, keeping them in the house, not allowing them to be ‘free range’  limited their exposure to life.

Children were to feel helpless and needing of care, and unable to do anything for themselves going up into their teens.  

The Baby Boomers had truncated this sense of helplessness by early toilet training.   This gives a very young child a sense of being ‘in control’.

As a contrast; the grandchildren of Baby Boomers often wear diapers to kindergarten.    This is to maintain their sense of helplessness.

Those who feel helpless can easily be tricked.  Can be brainwashed  into not vaccinating their children, into feeding them unhealthy rubbish, keeping them locked in, glued to computer screens, oblivious to reality.


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