The Project – 22

On Friday, Tricia waited to receive the ‘results’ of Ollie’s ‘quest’ to reopen his case.  There was no email.

She told herself not to bother, but at 9 pm on Friday she wrote to him, asking him; ‘how did it go?’   Then went to bed.    

The next morning, shockingly, there was an email from Ollie.  It reported that the Board refused to reopen the case because too much time had passed.

<It did not go well. The City responded

with latches as its defense. I did not

prevail over their argument of undue

delay in commencing the action.>

What stunned Tricia was that Ollie admitted what  was evident from the first post.  Fifteen years was remarkably long to wait to reopen a case.


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Written by jaylar

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