The Played – 14

The trick, for an ugly girl in a first world nation,  to marry a decent looking guy is to go abroad.   Go to a 3rd World Country, where your nationality is of greater value than your bank balance, and find an attractive man, and buy him as a  slave.

Ugly gets a man who looks pretty in her bed, a man who must obey her, please her, and suppress his ego for her.

It’s a boost for an ugly woman to be at some function and announce; “We’re leaving…”  and her husband immediately rises and follows like a puppy.

This is what Claudia had with Errol.   It was the ‘perfect’ relationship, in Simone’s eyes.

Simone was dazzled by Errol’s deference to her cousin and wanted that relationship. Wanted a man who was entirely dependent upon her,  a man who attracted her.

Simone wanted a man who couldn’t leave her, upset her, in anyway hurt her; because if she put him out, he would be left homeless, penniless, with nothing.

Having seen Claudia and Errol, she looked for her own version.   And found Damian.


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Written by jaylar

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