The Mystery of the VW Sudden 2 Flat Tires

Sunday, 10.3.21

I woke up early to get ready for the yoga meetup. I did my usual routine. By 9:30am, I decided to leave. As I backed out of my garage, I felt my Beetle wobble. I stopped just outside of the garage just to check the tires, and the two tires on the right had a flat tire. I called AAA right away. First, they said the estimated time was at 10:17 am, then 11:28am, and then 11:45am. But no one showed up. I called them a couple of times, frustrated, not knowing what to do. Finally, someone showed up at 12:17pm. But he said that his air pump didn’t work. He can only tow it to a repair shop. I told him that I need someone to check it and put air in it to see if pumping it air is enough, or if my car needs new tires. He called for someone else to come, and he left. At 1 pm, another man came, and he pumped my two tires. He said the tires look OK. There isn’t any hole or nail in it. I don’t need new tires. But I should still get my tires checked to see if anything needs to be fixed so it doesn’t happen again. I also notices that the back tire’s little black cap was missing, but the front tire had its black cap. I had some caps for my bicycle tires, and placed one on the VW’s tire piece. 

The garage close by is closed on Sunday. So, I might stop by either on Monday or Tuesday morning. I have a seminar to attend at 5 pm Monday. 

At 2 pm, I drove the old MX3 to get gas, before dropping by at Albertsons to buy litter for Gumby. Then, I drove to the Mother’s Market shopping area because the restaurant is near that grocery store, but I wasn’t sure where. I noticed it is next to Starbucks. It is very close to my place, only 1.4 miles away. 

It was very hot today at 92 degrees Fahrenheit. It felt like summertime.

I drank some cold orange-flavored mineral water, while steaming some veggies. 

Today was a headache. What a mess! I wonder if I can drive my VW tomorrow afternoon, or should I wait until after I take it to the garage to check the tires. 

I wonder how these two right side tires went flat. I drove the VW to South Coast Plaza on Saturday, and everything felt normal. I returned home and parked in my garage like any other day. When I woke up this morning, these two tires were flat.


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