The Encounter – 12

During the days, the weeks, the months Denny had been in the town, she had thought of Jamey every day, almost every minute.

There had been a lot of contact with his friends, and mostly, with him.

She sat with him and his people at lunch break, hung with them in the yard before class,  went to the hang out and usually sat at his table.

They talked, laughed, shared looks, but nothing anyone could find suspicious.  Yet, she felt this connection to him she held for no other.  She felt, perhaps knew in her soul, that Jamey felt the same.

The way their eyes linked, the way he made sure she was alright.

She loved him, and believed he loved her.

She knew he was engaged to Carol.   That had happened before Denny came to town.   She knew he  had to take Carol to the Prom.

Denny could have gone, taking a date from this one or that, seeing Jamey dancing… then… no doubt.  he would ask her to dance…

No, Denny didn’t have that self control, better to stay home on Prom night.

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