The Ecard – 4

Melly sat alone at home and cried.  Memories surged in.   It was a decade ago.  She had actually thought Tommy would wait for her.  Thought he saw the opportunity and was happy for her.

Melly didn’t realise that Tommy was so serious about her that  leaving was not taking an opportunity but breaking up with him.

Melly recalled how she bubbled with excitement,  telling Tommy that they shouldn’t write or call but go on with their lives so that when she returned they would have so much to tell each other.

Melly did think he would write or call but he didn’t.

However, she was so immersed in her life she scarcely thought of him or anyone.

She  went out on many casual dates, had a lot of casual friends. Then her time was up and she returned.

She called Tommy from the airport, some one else answered, claimed this was their number.

She had planned on calling him, he would pick her up at the airport and they’d have a fantastic reunion.

That didn’t happen.


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Written by jaylar

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