I know this is a nonsense word from ‘Mary Poppins’ but I just thought it would be fun to try this wordplay.

S is for silly,

U is for understandable in a silly way,

P is for personal,

E is for energy expended in expressing this word,

R is for somewhat reality in thinking up a definition for this word,

C is for caring in some way,

A is for all who can say,

L is for love of the word and remembering,

I is for individual,

A is for action of saying the word,

F is for friends created,

R is for reasons to say the word,

A is for once again action to think of the definition,

G is for such a grand word,

I is for identities formed,

L is for liking others just for being,

I is for creating interest in the word,

S is for studying and creating a meaning for this word,

T is for the time it takes to pronounce this word,

I is for the intellect in you and others possess in this word,

C is for comprehending the meanings of the word,

E is for educating others,

X is for EXamining others when saying and listening to the word,

P is for all the play this word promotes,

I is for intensive thinking using this word,

A is for allusions made,

D is for didactic learning at times,

O is for occidental thinking at times,

C is for caring about this nonsense word,

I is for individual thinking of using this word somehow,

O is for organizing your mind to have fun with the word,

U is for again understanding how to say it and use it somehow,

S is for the spelling of this word.


What do you think?


Written by 1Mark

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