Sudden Mishap

Tuesday, 9.10.19

Today, I rested all day. By 5 pm, I decided to go fill my Beetle with gas because it only had 1/4 left. But my car wouldn’t start. I couldn’t understand why because last week I drove it to the Spectrum Center for the Improv show and it was working perfectly. So, I called AAA. The guy tested the battery and stated it was a bad battery. It looked like it was low. I bought a new one, and he replaced the old one with a new one inside my garage. The engine started. After paying for the new battery, I drove to the gas station. Then, I drove to the walking meetup, which was close by, even though I didn’t think I would make it on time. Everyone was still standing in the parking lot. I arrived just in time for the hilly street hike. The weather was cool. It felt nice. Everyone enjoyed the walk. Afterwards, some people decided to hang out at Blaze pizza. I didn’t feel like eating a pizza. So, I just bought a hot cocoa drink from Peets. The weater felt like autumn today, which was nice. 

When I arrived home, I realized that when I open my VW Beetle’s car door, the light doesn’t automatically come on anymore. Maybe it burned or it blew a fuse or maybe it is the reason why my old car battery was low and stopped working. I don’t know. I am not sure what happened. But I probably should take my car to service soon, but I am not sure what day. I usually do it once a year in July, but it was too hot and humid this year, and I didn’t feel like going out anywhere in the heat. So, I should make an appointed around late September or early October. 


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