Special Ops Wife – 6

During the time Glen was home,  there were a few dark moments. Shirley learned how to leave him alone and how to be there.

It was not pleasant.

Sometimes she’d sit near Glen, but silent, almost unmoving.  Sometimes she’d hide in another room.  Talking with him could not be spontaneous.   She had to wait until he spoke to her.   

Although he’d apologise for barking at her, or walking away, or locking himself in another room,  she reset her life to avoid him.  Only when he came to her would she be ‘part’ of his life.

At one of these moments, she told him about the pregnancy.  He was very happy, and wanted to be there when the baby was born.

His behaviour became more normal as time passed.

Then, in  her eighth month Glen was summoned, and went.   As she saw him off, she rang her sister. She made contingency plans.  Olive and  Zander returned to being her companions.

Shirley had assumed her sister would be with her in the delivery room, but Glen returned, and was very possessive.  

Olive and Zander retreated.

Glen was with her when she gave birth to Zachery.  Olive and Zander were in the waiting room.  


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Written by jaylar

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