Special Ops Wife – 38

Olive and Zander could not survive the loss of their “son”.   They had been there from the day Zac was born.  They had raised him.   Glen was a casual visitor, Shirley was a regular who occasionally took over the parenting. 

Now, Glen and Shirley, taking their son, moving to another city, hours away,  Olive and Zander decided to sell their house and move to the city where Shirley was, as close as possible to her house.

They were blessed.   

The community in which Glen’s house was located was built to a certain pattern.  There were a number of houses around a ‘lake’ (a man made pond).  One of those houses was for sale, and considering the price,  a super bargain.

Not only did Olive and Znder move to a beautiful new house, but they were in walking distance of their pseudo son; Zac.

They would walk to their back gate,  around the pond, come through the back gate of Glen and Shirley’s house, and in through the backdoor.

They could virtually come and go unseen.


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Written by jaylar

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