Special Ops Wife – 34

Glen was transferred to a hospital in Shirley’s ‘work’ city.  Visiting him became part of her daily routine.

From Wednesday to Sunday she would jog to the hospital each morning, (weather permitting, if not, a bus). She’d stay with Glen for about forty minutes, then jog to work, (weather permitting).

When she left work she would go to the hospital, then meet friends for dinner or eat alone.

On Monday and Tuesday she would go to the home city, take photos of Zac to show Glen on Wednesday.

The doctors commended her on being so brave and positive.

“I wish the other wives were as confident as you…”  they said, among other kudos.  Shirley accepted the praise.  It was undeserved.


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Written by jaylar

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  1. If I published it as an E-book I know, in the U.S. Jacksonville has a Military Base and a zoo so that would be the ‘work city’ and Sanford would be the home city…for it also has a zoo and is about 2hrs from Jacksonville….

  2. Excellent fast-moving I like the free-flowing dialogue of this section. It’s just the “city” parts and “home city” parts that gear down the reader’s whole process of concentration. If this book is intended for the USA market, they won’t like that type of reference to places. If the character is taking the 4:30 subway from Brooklyn to Queens there really is such a subway. And just as the train rolls into Queens it actually crosses Jamaica Road. Can you believe it? Lol.

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